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William Cartwright » Vision of the La Vega Boys Basketball Program

Vision of the La Vega Boys Basketball Program

                                                                                    Coach Cartwright 
1. The boys program will continue positive momentum moving forward to greater district and playoff success, under the consistent and diligent directives of the Head Coach and Staff.
 I have the players and parents trust because they know I have played an integral part in the success of the past six years. They also know that I care deeply about their personal success; they want to work hard for me because of that relationship.
 I know our District. I know the coaching tendencies and style of play of the majority of our district schools.
 I am ready to lead. There is not a single facet of the program in which I am not familiar. I have been in charge of the vast majority of program necessities these past six years, and I have earned the respect of my AD. He does not question tasks that he places on me because he knows that I am more than competent in all tasks given. I also led our middle school program with great success prior.
 I value our middle school and high school coaching staffs. I will be the kind of leader that others trust and enjoy working with. There will be no I in anything we do past this Vision Statement. Success only occurs with synergetic efforts and a willing trust.
 I want to bring stability to the La Vega Boys Basketball Program. I want to be the Head Coach here. I want to continue traditional success; I want to create the best High School Basketball Program in Central Texas. I will work hard to make it happen.

2. The boys program will not settle for mediocrity in our academic efforts. (75 & Above)
 We will provide extrinsic motivation to ensure positive academic achievements with all our athletes. Athletes will not participate in practice nor games till they meet minimum program expectations
 All players will have taken the SAT/ACT before their senior year. We will talk about how their collegiate goals
 We will celebrate academic growth. Positive results arise from positive situations. (All people like to be praised)

3. The boys program will continue to promote Character.
 We will be a program of strong young men that believe in doing the right thing.
 We will play for our TEAM and not ourselves. Selfishness will only destroy a team atmosphere.
 We will continue to represent our families, district/school, and communities with good character and class.