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Ms. Diane Wilson » WELCOME


Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year.  This will be a challenging - but undoubtedly rewarding year!. As we face so many challenges I cannot help but think about the historical context of the world we are living in.  This is our opportunity to write our history! Let's make the best of it!
I am Diane Wilson - and I am proud to be a member of the La Vega ISD team!  La Vega I.S.D. has a tradition of providing students with the tools needed to be successful - in school and as students transition to life after high school.  
La Vega High School's Success Academy targets students who are at-risk of not completing high school.  We at La Vega understand the dismal plight of a high school dropout - and aim to provide services and options to keep students in school.  Simply put, we understand the value of a high school diploma. 
I am the Lead Teacher at the Success Academy ~ a part of La Vega High School dedicated to helping students be successful in a non-traditional school setting. We offer students an opportunity to recover credits lost due to insufficient attendance and/or earn credits on classes needed for graduation. There is a referral and application process to be enrolled in the program. Students must meet certain established criteria to be considered. This process is typically initiated by a counselor, administrator or truancy officer. Parents and students will need to seek the assistance or guidance of their counselor or cohort administrator. 
We have morning and afternoon sessions that cater to the unique schedules and needs of our students.  Some students may be eligible for the Optional Flexible School Day Program (OFSDP). We are one of the few schools in central Texas to offer this unique learning opportunity.  
 I hope to see you at La Vega school events - and look forward to an awesome year!!!