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On the right are the subjects I teach and the major assignments associated with those courses. Students can correct their assignments to bring up their assignment grade to a 70 per Texas Education Code Sec.28.0216.
Students should schedule a time (before or after school, or during another class) at least 1 day before planning to make up assignments.

Per student handbook, late work (1-5 days) will receive a maximum grade of 70.
5+ days can receive a maximum grade of 50.
For Art I and Art II, Daily and Tests assignments are each worth 50%.
For AP Studio Art and Commercial Photography, Daily assignments are 60% and Tests are 40%.
Tutoring Schedule:
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Morning No 7:45 No 7:45 7:45
Afternoon By Request Day Before
Day Schedule:
Period Time Start Time End Class
1st 08:30 09:20 Commercial Photography
2nd 09:24 10:14 Conference
3rd 10:18 11:08 Yearbook
4th 11:12 12:02 Art 3, Art 4
5th 12:40 01:28 Commercial Photography
6th 01:32 02:22 Commercial Photography
7th 02:26 03:16 Art 2
8th 03:20 04:10 Art 2