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Testing (college entrance exams)

There are 3 entrance exams that a student might need to take.
Please see below for the guide to SAT, ACT, and TSI and which one might be necessary for your college admittance. 
SAT and/or ACT
For 4-year Universities (4 year bachelor's degree) a student will need to take either the SAT or ACT.  The college does not have a preference, but the student will.

Here is a chart of the differences between the two tests:
An article on the differences between SAT and ACT
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TSI (Texas Success Initiative) Assessment
The TSI is not a pass or fail exam, but a placement exam to determine what level of college coursework a student will need to take.  It is typically the entrance exam for community college or technical college.
The 3 sections involved in the TSI are Reading, Writing and Math.  We administer the tests in sections.
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We will be taking the ASVAB (aptitude/career exploration/military entrance exam) on:
Thursday Nov. 16th, 2017
See Mr. Shade to sign up
See this site for more information/practice:
Test Preparation
Local Test Preparation Onsite:

Sylvan Learning Center
Sylvan Learning Center offers free practice tests for ACT and SAT.  
Sylvan Learning Center of Waco
5016 W. Waco Drive Waco TX, 76710

Online Test Preparation:

other online testing resources:
or report to the LVHS go center for study materials