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(Texas Success Initiative) Assessment
The TSI is not a pass or fail exam, but a placement exam to determine what level of college coursework a student will need to take.  It is typically the entrance exam for community college or technical college.
The 3 sections involved in the TSI are Reading, Writing and Math.  We administer the tests in sections.
We will be administering the TSI testing sessions at LVHS on the following dates for 2017/2018:

September 14th (Thursday) morning at 8:30AM

September 28th (Thursday) morning at 8:30AM

October 26th  (Thursday) morning at 8:30AM

November 9th  (Thursday) morning at 8:30AM

November 30th  (Thursday) morning at 8:30AM

December 14th  (Thursday) morning at 8:30AM (cancelled due to finals)

January 11th (Thursday) morning at 8:30AM

January 25th (Thursday) morning at 8:30AM

February 8th (Thursday) morning at 8:30AM

February 22nd (Thursday) morning at 8:30AM

March 15th (Thursday) morning at 8:30AM

March 29th (Thursday) morning at 8:30AM

April 19th (Thursday) morning at 8:30AM

April 26th (Thursday) morning at 8:30AM

May 10th (Thursday) morning at 8:30AM



See Mr. Shade to reserve a seat or further inquire.






P.A.A. Pre-Assessment Activity Video


The TSI P.A.A. (Pre-Assessment Activity) needs to be completed before taking any sections of the TSI:

 *choose La Vega Independent School District 








TSI Test Preparation:







TSI Retakes

If you have been unsuccessful at section of TSI you will need to provide proof of TSI prep, through this site:

*You will need to have successfully answered at least 9 out of 12 show proof to Mr. Shade (either print off or screen capture or show history) before being able to re-register for TSI session retakes.





You can also go to your prospective school to take the TSI:

Sign up for the TSI through MCC:
Sign up for the TSI through TSTC: