La VegaHigh School

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Hello, my name is Patti Custer.  I manage the Edgenuity Credit Recovery Program, by inputting assignments, assisting teachers with reports, and managing the student records.
I will do my very best to help your student to be successful.  I often tell them to work "smart" not "hard". This can be accomplished by note taking, memory tricks, and arranging for tutorial help, whether it is with another student, a teacher, or other tutors available on campus. I utilize all resources available to me for their success.
I expect each student to....
  • give me their very best, to achieve.
  • work quietly in their assigned seats.
  • comply with the La Vega School District's standards and expectations as listed in the Student Hand Book.
  • have all cell phones put away and not in use at any time.
  • have no food or drinks in the room.
  • come to class prepared to work with a pen/pencil and paper for note taking.
  • keep trying and not give up.
  • leave any issues with anyone or any thing outside when they enter the room.
  • be successful and achieve!

If you need additional information, you may reach me through the High School.

Thank you for allowing me to work with your child.