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Miss Trickett’s Classroom Procedures
Policies and Expectations LVHS Room 202

Conference time:  2:55p-3:45p and by appointment
Tutorials:  M, T, W 3:45p-4:15p
(any other days announced in class and arrangements)
Telephone:  254-299-2137


Classroom Procedures
At the beginning of each class period, students are to enter the room quietly, take their seat and begin the bell work that is on the board.  This will include but not limited to, objectives for the day/week, journal entries, word of the day, and/or a bell ringer.  This information needs to be kept together in either a spiral or folder.  It may be taken up or checked for a grade. 

Daily lessons will be provided in a variety of ways.  Daily assignments will be turned in before the chapter tests.  I usually take them up or they may be turned into the tray.  I would recommend keeping your daily assignments (such as worksheets and notes).  They will come in handy for the final exam.  However, it is your discretion what you do with your work after I have graded them.  Also, I am only human, therefore, I make mistakes.  It’s always a good idea to keep your graded work, in case I make a mistake.  Sometimes, it happens

Each student will be responsible for maintaining a folder/binder for their bell ringers, notes and assignments.  As previously stated, you will turn your notes in for a grade and they will be given back to you.  I highly recommend having an organized folder.  This will help you with your final exam. 
Homework is an essential part of the learning process.  It will be important for the student to complete certain assignments outside of class.  This may be bookwork, worksheets, research for a speech or project or studying for a test.  If the 45 minutes you have in class are not used efficiently, then you may have to complete outside of class.  If you are assigned homework, all the information you will need will be given to you for your notes.  This is why it is vital to take notes. 

Tests will be given at the end of each chapter.  Reviews may or may not be provided for the test, with the exception of the final exam, which will have a review.  Formats for the tests could be multiple choice, matching, short answer, or essay.  Speeches/presentations are a test grade.  Any test that has a grade below a 70 can be made up.  The student will write the missed question with the correct answer 3 times in order to receive a 70. 
Speeches will be given; after all, it is a speech class.  There will be 6 speech projects during the semester.  The speech projects may be a group presentation or an individual presentation.  Part of becoming a great public speaker is learning how to research and organize your presentation.  You will not be permitted to give a presentation without an outline.  Your outline will count as a daily grade and your presentation will be a test grade.  If you choose not to give your speech, then you are making a choice to receive a 0 for your grade.  I have no sympathy for students whom I have to beg to give a presentation.  This is a speech class; you will have to get in front of the class and present.  If you cannot be a respectful audience member, I will deduct points off of your grade.  If your grade is a 0, I will find a way to put in a negative number in the gradebook. 
Benchmarks will be the average of the outline grades and speech grades for that particular 6 weeks.  For example, if you received an 80 and 100 for outlines and 95 and 90 for your speeches, your benchmark grade would be a 91.  80+100+95+90=365/4=91.25.  If you do not do an outline, you will not give a speech and your grades will both be zeros.  Therefore, your benchmark will be a 0.  The benchmarks are 10% of your Six weeks grade. 

If a student is absent, he/she will have the opportunity to make up any missed assignments the student will have the same number of days to make up the assignment as the number of days absent.  It is the student’s responsibility to find out his/her missed assignments and make arrangements for make-up tests.  The teacher will be available to discuss any missed assignments before or after school.  A student who does not make up assigned work within the time allotted by the teacher will receive a 0 for the assignment.  I do not like to chase people down, but I WILL!!! 
Late work will be accepted up to 4 days after the assignment is given.  A 30 point deduction will be taken off for each late day. 
Students are dismissed by the teacher, not the bell.  You are to remain seated until I dismiss you. 

My door is always locked.  Therefore, you need to knock politely, do not bang on the door, If you choose to bang on the door, then I will choose to leave you out in the hallway.  Do not pull on the handle.  This does not open a locked door.  If we are presenting, there will be a sign on the door and you need to wait until the person is finished and I will let you in.  If you disrupt someone’s presentation, it can and will result n a deduction of points from your grade.   The hall pass cannot be used the first 15 or the last 15 minutes of class.  If the pass is not on the blue table, do not ask to leave. 


1st:  Professional Communication                                                           
2nd:  Professional Communication
3rd:  Theatre Arts I
4th:  Theatre Arts II-III
5th:  Theatre Arts I
6th:  Theatre Arts I
7th:  Professional Communication
8th:  Conference

Supplies (must have in class everyday)


Extra credit
(you may receive extra credit for bringing items to class)

Expo markers

Student Expectations

    •    “SHUT UP!” is not allowed.  It is rude and will not be tolerated. 
    •    Maintain “Personal Responsibility”.  See explanation below. 
    •    Respect EVERYONE & EVERYTHING at all times. 
         This is important in order to maintain a positive-learner friendly environment. 
    •    Listen Carefully.  Important for instructional time. 
    •    Follow directions immediately, the first time given. 
         Also important for instructional time.  “Personal Responsibility”
    •    Mouth closed-no talking or noise
    •    Listening for instructions
    •    Eyes on the teacher. 

Any activity that disrupts instruction or the learning environment is against school rules.  See the Student Handbook for specific details.  All school rules will be observed in this class. 


    •    Warning
    •    Teacher-Student Conference
    •    Conference+Detention (to be served before or after school)
    •    Conference+Detention+Parental Contact
    •    Office

All severe infractions will result in immediate office visit.