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Students » Student Dress & Grooming Guidelines

Student Dress & Grooming Guidelines

La Vega High School Dress Code
Pants must be made of denim or twill fabric, with zipper and/or button – no sweat or athletic pants.  Pants must be worn at the hips – “sagging” is not allowed.

Jeans may have rips or holes but must not have any exposed skin above the kneecap.  Shorts must follow the pants guidelines and cannot be shorter than the top of the kneecap.


Skirts or dresses cannot be shorter than the top of the kneecap, not be too tight or low-cut, nor have cutouts that expose skin.


Shirts worn without a jacket must have a collar or the student can wear a college or La Vega spirit t-shirt.


Any shoes must have a back-strap or heel.  No Flip-flops, slides, house shoes, athletic sandals or shower sandals will be allowed.


Students may wear solid-colored leggings or jeggings with a top that extends at or below fingertip length when the arms are extended down. 


Hoodies, sweaters, jackets are approved to wear with a shirt or top under the garment. 


Head coverings (caps, hoodies, bandanas, etc.) are NOT permitted.  Student needs a religious exception may consult with their Cohort Principal or Counselor.


All student must wear appropriate undergarments.


Hairstyles or facial hair should be neat, clean and not a distraction.


Grills, large earrings or distracting makeup are not allowed.


If the administrator determines that the student’s grooming or clothing violates the school’s dress code, the student will be given a documented first warning.  Subsequent violations can create consequences for the student including lunch detention, In-school suspension, or Saturday school.