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MODOC Media Shines at Shattered Dreams Event

ModocMedia was approached by Hillsboro High School to produce a video for their 2022 Shattered Dreams. For those of you not aware of the project it is a simulated drunk driving accident that is intended to educate young adults on the consequences of using drugs or alcohol and getting behind the wheel.

Our scholars really rose to the Occasion and filmed over 35 hrs of footage in one morning then in a 10 hr span compiled that video into a 6 min video that was presented to their student body the very next morning.

We then returned the next morning where we filmed a mock funeral and presented the video. As an AV person you can only judge the quality of the work by the reaction of the audience and let me tell you there was not a dry eye in the building, which for us equates to a huge success.

Mrs. Lincoln, One of the volunteers at the event, even took the time to write Mr. Gooden a personal email saying "Hey there! I’m volunteering at the Hillsboro High School’s Shattered Dreams program and got to interact with your La Vega staff and students. I just wanted you to know, the kids were amazing! They represented your school very well!"

If you see any of the following kids give them a pat on the back.

Sam Smith

Martin Flores

Angel Martinez

William Elizondo

Tra'jon Andrews

Karina Gallegos

Jose Sanchez

Justin Pryor

Anna Sampson

Aspen Cavazos

Nehemiah Green

Brianna Gray

Chantel Bradshaw

Oscar Gonzales