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La Vega High School Hitting the Mark

Principal Sandra Gibson has had the Goal of La Vega High School becoming a Flagship school since she took the helm in 2019. That plan has had more than its fair share of set backs, but the vision has remained the same. La Vega High School Teachers began their 2021-22 School year focused and determined to reach flagship status now more than ever. With the end of the 2020-21 School year ending with all kids coming back to school, that opened the door to turn a setback into a comeback and that is exactly what the entire staff is focused on. Some of the things we have implemented include Capturing kids hearts, a program to help teachers focus not only on the content of the class, but also the relationships that help to reinforce that content with positive, and directed interactions with parents and students. The campus has also restructured the academic departments, promoting high performing teachers to guide and direct each department to reach some specific  goals. Chris Ward, Samantha Cubbage, Rudy Hikel, and Julie Grigsby were each promoted to lead positions which hold each teacher to the high standards needed to reach these goals. 
Teachers were reminded of the importance of hitting the target with Waco Axe company bringing out their mobile site and letting the teachers team build before the kids hit the door Thursday morning. The district also launched a huge incentive with the teacher incentive allotment. with this program our most distinguished professionals have the opportunity to get an additional stipend as a reward for stellar teaching. The mark to hit that goal is not an easy one. Teachers must show a marked improvement in student scores as well as show data through the TTESS evaluation system that we are indeed worthy of the extra funds. La Vega has always worked diligently to achieve athletic excellence, and it is now La Vega's goal to have our Academics match our Athletic excellence.