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ICU starts this week

Dear Parents or guardians, the La Vega Highschool will be launching it's ICU program this week. In case you have forgotten the ICU program is designed to help students catch up with their work, and to offer an after school tutorial program for the kids. However, due to COVID 19, we are taking additional measures to ensure your child's safety. We will limit the number of kids that can sign up for ICU to 20 kids. Five for each of the core areas: Math, Science, English, and History. If your child needs help in more than one section please have them sign-up in the section they need the most assistance with. They will be able to receive help in other subjects also. This is to ensure they can receive the most appropriate help. 


For Example: If your child needs help for Math and English, they will just need to sign up for one slot for the day. (They will be able to receive help with English also on the same day time permitting) 


The appointment system is broken down like your normal appointment system, and we ask that if your child can't make it to please cancel by 8 am the morning of. To ensure that every child has the ability to benefit from this program. The after school program will run from 4:30pm to 5:30pm, and snacks will be provided. We ask that you please don't book more than two weeks in advance if you do it may result in your appointment being canceled. I would strongly suggest checking every morning to see if we have a cancellation. 


When booking an appointment please include the following information 


Child's School ID number: 


First and Last Name: 


We thank you for your coperation, to ensure that we are offering everychild the best possible eductaion.