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La Vega Students get ICU

After-School ICU Procedure 

What does ICU stand for? ICU stands for Intensive Care Unit, just like in the hospital. When students have missing assignments, their learning is affected and their grades may become sick. Treatment at La Vega High School is now After-School ICU. Students learn and are held accountable for the quality of their work. The purpose of ICU is to impress upon students the fact they are responsible for the completion of their work. A quote from the ICU book says it all: “When you give students a zero or accept low quality work, you are letting them off the hook.” 

Reasons for After-School ICU include but are not limited to: 

Grades 9th, 10th,11th,  12th

Missing Assignments

Incomplete Work

Late Work

ICU will be assigned by teacher discretion. However, it is recommended that teachers consider ICU after three missing assignments (“missing” is defined as three days past submission date). 

After School ICU Procedures: 

  1. An ICU notice will be issued by the teacher recommending the student for ICU through school status. Teacher must give at least a 24 hour notice to parent(s).
  2. If a student is asked to attend an ICU, and fails to do so, they will be assigned ICU for an additional day. If the student fails to attend additional ICU, they will be assigned a Saturday behavior detention for insubordination. This will be reported to Mr. Hicks and Mr. McAdams by ICU lifeguard.
  3. Students will be assigned to ICU from 7:45-8:25 and 4:15 PM to 5:00 PM on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. Ideally, students will be assigned ICU the next day after parent contact. However, if a student agrees to attend an alternate day due to circumstances (ie. job, travel,etc...), it will be permitted and will be required to be completed within the same week.

ICU will be closed during the last week of the sixth week to encourage students to make up their work in a timely manner.

  1. Before and after-School ICU will be held in the library.

5.Teachers will submit ICU recommendations on the Google Drive form. Items to report on the form are: 

  • Parent contact (time, day)This can be done via text, email or call. It must be documented in School Status.
  • Student Name
  • Student ID
  • Class / Teacher
  • Type of Work
  • Link to Assignment or Where to Obtain Physical Copy
  1. All students must pre-arrange transportation home. 
  2. It is suggested that coaches and other student success support staff check ICU recommendation list. These coaches and support staff should then check in on students and encourage them to work on assignments.
  3. Students need to be on task the entire time they attend ICU. Once their assignment is complete they may leave the ICU session.
  4. Students are not allowed to go to their classrooms during after-school ICU, but teachers will be allowed to 

come to students who need help. 

  1. Students will have to complete work in ICU before attending extra-curricular events. 
  2. If a student has attended ICU more than three times for a specific teacher, that teacher should then take further action, such as:
  • Communication with other teachers serving the student
  • Speaking with support staff about student (counselors, CIS, etc...)
  • Parent Meeting
  • Talk to Instructional Specialist or Department Head about classroom procedures